30 Days to Self-Love Challenge

What is the 30 Days to Self-Love Challenge?

It is a programme I developed to connect to who you really are and help you learn to value, appreciate and love yourself more.

Why is it called a challenge? Because it will touch the parts of you that have long been neglected, ask uncomfortable questions and release, release and release!

Don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play – self-love also means being gentle with yourself and having fun! It’s a deep inner work on many levels that will translate into changing your life view and living more consciously and falling in love – with yourself!

Programme takes place over online learning platform over 30 consecutive days and includes:

  • daily videos explaining topic of the day
  • daily tasks (writing, reflection, creative, meditation and more)
  • inspiring optional videos
  • tools that you will use for life
  • daily inspirations
  • Facebook Group support and motivation
  • yearly access to all course materials

What will you gain by participating?

You will:

  • learn habits that last a lifetime
  • release blockages towards self-love
  • overcome resistance
  • change perception about yourself and the world
  • connect with your emotions
  • create new relationship with yourself
  • learn to be in the flow of life
  • shift to living in joy and peace
  • fall in love with yourself!

Daily tasks don’t require previous knowledge or any special skills and will take between 30-60 minutes or your time.

You will have access to course material via online platform on this website.

You will need: post-its, notebook, old magazines, paper and pencils / coloured pencil or markers.

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