Kundalini Reiki Course

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Kundalini Reiki uses a synergy of Reiki (intelligent universal energy) and Kundalini (raw Earth energy). The Kundalini greatly strengthens the Reiki, while the Reiki “tempers” the Kundalini, rendering it perfectly safe to use.

The course is taken online via our study system and concludes with receiving Kundalini Reiki Master diploma that allows you to use Kundalini Reiki on yourself, others and pass attunements as well. You will also receive full manual that includes all lessons in pdf format upon completing the course.

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Kundalini Reiki uses a synergy of Reiki (intelligent universal energy) and Kundalini (raw Earth energy). The Kundalini greatly strengthens the Reiki, while the Reiki “tempers” the Kundalini, rendering it perfectly safe to use.

A person who has, or has had problems with wrong Kundalini awakening, or other problems with the Kundalini energy, can most often be helped with Kundalini Reiki.

Kundalini Reiki uses no symbols and no complicated system of set hand positions. Starting the energy flow is achieved by intent.

The safe Kundalini awakening which the practitioner undergoes can be a great force for transformation and personal evolution.

How can I learn Kundalini Reiki ?

Kundalini Reiki is taught in three levels. You will go through the manual and receive initiations at previously scheduled times. You will practice exercises and perform distant session and initiation on your teacher as an ‘exam’. After completing the Master Level you will receive completion certificate. Your manual will be available in PDF file for you to download after the graduation.

You will be initiated distantly, so you can be anywhere in the world to receive Kundalini Reiki Attunements!


Due to the strength of Kundalini energy it is open only to people already attuned to Level II of traditional Reiki healing system. There must be at least 2 days between Level 1 and Level 2 attunements.10 days between Level 2 and Level 3 attunements.5 days between each of the Kundalini Reiki boosters.(There are 6 boosters)

Kundalini Reiki Levels

Kundalini Reiki 1:

The first attunement gives the ability to perform Reiki energy work on yourself or others, hands-on or at a distance. At the same time the student’s energy body is readied for the Kundalini awakening to come in Kundalini Reiki 2. At this stage you may use the basic Reiki energy on yourself and others.

Kundalini Reiki 2:

The body’s main energy channel opens, gently awakening and raising the Kundalini energy to at least the solar plexus chakra. A specific daily meditation which temporarily increases the flow of Kundalini energy is taught, and a complete cleansing of the energy system begins. At this point you should now use the Kundalini Reiki energy on yourself only, although you may still use the basic Reiki energy from Kundalini Reiki 1 on others.

Kundalini Reiki 3 (Master Level):

The Kundalini channel is widened further and the Kundalini essence reaches up and out of the crown chakra. Full raising of the Kundalini core flame can eventually take place.

This level includes:
– Birth Trauma Reiki
– Location Reiki
– Past Life Reiki
– DNA Reiki
– Crystalline Reiki
– Diamond Reiki
– Balance

Once you have applied these energies to yourself you are a Kundalini Reiki Master and may use them on others. You are also taught to attune others to all levels of Kundalini Reiki.

Kundalini Reiki Booster Attunements:

There are six booster attunements. They reinforce the previous attunements, and they also widen and strengthen the chakra opening of your hands and energy channels, allowing even greater amounts of Kundalini Reiki to flow through you more quickly. The boosters also strengthen the opening in the hands so they do not begin to shut down as easily. After receiving the final Kundalini booster, your ability to channel the Kundalini Reiki energy will be increased by up to 400%!


Please note that just with any Reiki training, a cleansing period may follow the initiations. It is rare, but some people, who have a lot of blockage to be released may experience emotional and physical cleansing that is necessary for the proper energy channeling afterwards. Therefore we recommend not to combine Kundalini attunements with any other initiation or transformational process. Be good to yourself and give yourself time to feel the energy.


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