Meridian Bodywork

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Meridian Bodywork is gentle exercise program designed by Lorelai I. Dali, using elements of yoga, stretching, self-shiatsu massage and meditation in order to loosen up tensions and strengthen your body, clear and harmonize your energy channels (meridians), relax your emotions and uplift your spirit!

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Product Description

Meridian Bodywork  uses elements of yoga, stretching, self-shiatsu massage and meditation.

During this course you will find out important details about your meridians and receive step-by step instructions to learn this exercise & self-massage program that will keep you fit and healthy for years to come!

You will be guided by written instructions, pictures and videos and at the end you will receive downloadable Meridian Bodywork manual with main points addressed in the workshop and 1 hour video featuring the whole program, so you can practice Meridian Bodywork by yourself at home.

Benefits of regular Meridian Bodywork exercise:

  • Improved posture, flexibility and breathing
  • Higher energy level
  • Body and mind relaxation, feeling of inner peace and better contact with one’s body
  • Improved health including metabolism, circulation
  • Assistance in relieving digestive and respiratory system symptoms, high blood pressure, sciatica, sinus pains, migraines, neuralgia and much more
  • Release of emotional blockage and connecting with your inner peace

NOTE: As with any exercise program, please check with your doctor or healthcare provider to make sure you are fit for physical exercise.

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