Self-Portrait – Finding your True Self through Intuitive Art

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Connecting therapy and art creates a new self-discovery method called Art Therapy. Through the use of process of creation you can easily connect with your deep, inner Self to learn about your beliefs, habits, negative thoughts and traumas that stand on your way to leading happy life. Exercises and conversation in an open-minded, tolerant and kind group setting can help you understand and change those beliefs, habits and thoughts into the ones that serve you better.

Product Description

‘Who am I?’ is a question most of us ask ourselves at least once in our lives.

During the workshop you will have a chance to find out more about yourself though fun, intuitive art exercises. You will create your Self-Portrait using tools such as pastels, crayons, colored pencils, collage and more.

There will be meditations, reading material and writing assignments. You will learn tools to overcome your difficulties and bring out the most out of who you are! All your creations will be interpreted by the teacher and you will receive personalized advice based on what you’ve expressed in the exercises.

This course is open to anyone, no previous experience or art skills required. This is an intuitive painting workshop, and even if you haven’t painted before, you can do it!

Materials needed: sketchbook, pastels, crayons, scissors,canvas and acrylic/oil paints. Access to scanner or camera to send in your assignments is required.

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